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General Information
Psychological Support
Intake Process
Work Experience
The BASES Team
BASES by the Numbers

BASES Learning Center (which stands for "Butte Area Social Emotional Solutions") is a program for students with social and emotional challenges that provides intensive academic, psychological, and behavioral support to increase academic and personal success.  Using the analogy of baseball in all aspects of the program, the BASES Team reinforces for students that in ball, as in life, there is always another "at bat," another opportunity to make a new play, and that even the most skilled players can't boast a perfect batting average.

General Information

BASES Learning Center opened in the 2019-2020 school year to support students with social-emotional issues or learning challenges at their school of residence rather than at a centralized program through Butte County Office of Education (BCOE) or at a non-public school (NPS) or residential facility. The program is considered to be a more restrictive environment than either the district special day class or the centralized program special day class option.

Our program offers high-quality instruction in standards-based curriculum and individualized programs and services specific to student needs. Some of the benefits include:  smaller class sizes, psychological support services, a structured, leveled program based in best practices for behavior, individualized academic supports, and with frequent parent communication.

Additionally, the facility at the former Eastside Elementary School campus in Oroville City Elementary School District is ideally located for student activities in the local area, including but not limited to: community-based instruction; recreational and leisure activities; arts and music instruction; animal husbandry; community service projects; and transportation / mobility instruction.



The instructional model of BASES Learning Center, "Home of the Bulldogs," is based on the knowledge that some students are not readily able to manage the social, emotional, and academic challenges of the comprehensive public school campus without appropriate supports and services.  In BASES classrooms, students have access to a wide variety of instruction.  BASES meets general education standards for all students, and offers the courses necessary for secondary students to fulfill graduation requirements for a high school diploma.  Here is a representative list of subjects and example lessons:
           Academic Skills
           Social Skills (e.g. Nurtured Heart Approach)
           Mindfulness Curriculum
           College/Career Readiness Skills
           Writing Development
           Motivational Group Counseling 
           Credit Recovery
           Professional Level System
           Individualized Support Class, as needed  

An important component of each student’s success is the extent to which he or she is able to integrate successfully into a comprehensive school environment over time. Access to typical peers is essential to success in the real world and the world of work. The BASES team builds social skills and relationships so this reintegration is possible.

Psychological Support

BASES Learning Center utilizes the resources of the larger Butte County area community to make it possible for students to stay close to their home school district while receiving an appropriate level of intensive counseling services based on their individual challenges. We collaborate with school psychologists from districts within the county and provide mental health clinician support for the full school day. We also collaborate with outside counseling agencies through behavioral health and drug rehabilitation professionals if needed, to provide a high level of psychological support to each student at BASES. Because social-emotional issues are often linked to family relationships, BASES involves parents in the therapeutic process, sharing in the responsibility for student progress toward learning and social goals alike.

Intake Process

1.  District staff may also refer appropriate students to BASES through consultation with the BASES administrator and after completing the BASES Referral Form (located in the SEIS Document Library).
2.  Parents may request an IEP to discuss a change of placement at any time.
3.  Records are thoroughly reviewed and appropriate staff are then interviewed regarding recent student concerns and the likelihood of success at BASES.
4.  Placements are again reviewed after the first 30 days of placement and an IEP is typically held to make any necessary changes to the IEP.

Work Experience

Students who are eligible for services have access to the WorkAbility1 Program on campus and School to Career education. Opportunities available may include: job coaching; resume and interview workshops; interest inventories; career counseling; and paid employment experience.


The BASES Team

graphic art image of a bulldog, the school's mascot, with the saying "In life, it's not where you go, it's who goes with you."The dynamic, close-knit team works together across the school site in order to better support students through communication, compassion, and accountability.  
          Credentialed School Principal
          Credentialed Teachers
          Licensed or Credentialed Mental Health Clinician
          School Psychologist
          Behavior Analyst Consultant
          Two Registered Behavior Technicians
          Numerous Paraprofessional Staff      
          District Multi-disciplinary Teams
          SELPA Program Specialist and Director support
          SELPA Mental Health Coordinator support
          WorkAbility1 Program support
          Contracted Nursing support
          Contracted extracurricular providers
          Other Contracted agency supports

Front cover of trifold SELPA brochure describing BASES Learning Center programs


BASES by the Numbers

BASES School Calendar 2023-2024
SELPA Staff List (BASES Team in light green color)
BASES Student Handbook 2023-2024
BASES Parent/Student Notifications 2023-2024
BASES School Accountability Report Card
BCOE Local Control Accountability Plan
BCOE COVID-19 Safety Plan
May Breakfast Menu    May Lunch Menu

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Make inquiries to: 
Matt McGuire, Principal
BASES Learning Center
2775 Yard Street
Oroville, California 95966
Phone: (530) 532-5844
FAX: (530) 532-5884

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