Our SELPA Local Plan

image of the first page of the Local Plan Section B Governance and Administration
Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 20 United States Code (20 USC) Section 1400 et seq. and related federal regulations, each special education Local Plan area (SELPA) is required to ensure a continuum of program options are available to meet the needs of students with disabilities for special education and related services.  The Butte County SELPA through each local education agency, the county office, and the community advisory committee, has collaborated in preparing the 2020 revision to the Local Plan for review by the California Department of Education.  

The State Superintendent has established guidelines for the coordinated development and submission a local plan's components --Section A: Contacts and Certifications, Section B: Governance and Administration, Section D: Annual Budget Plan, Section E: Annual Services Plan, and required Attachments I -VII. 

The Butte County SELPA Local Plan ensures access to special education and services for all students with disabilities residing within the geographic area served by the Butte County, with the exception of students in non-members of Butte County SELPA. Beginning July 1, 2020, all SELPAs were required to submit local plans to the California Department of Education (CDE) using CDE-created templates. The reasoning provided for this change involves increased uniformity of SELPA local plans across the State and greater transparency for members of the public about SELPAs in general and their structures and processes. 

The CDE-created templates require descriptions about how Butte County SELPA achieves compliance with its assurances, and they ask for references to information that explains in greater detail how that is accomplished. While Local Plan requirements are generally answered within the sections of the template, the Butte County SELPA has supplemented its template, incorporating by reference other sources of information that elaborate more fully its Governing Board policies; Directors' Council procedures; practice and guidance manuals; interagency agreements, and Community Advisory Committee by-laws.

Public Hearing Notice for Local Plan Sections B, D, and E for 2023-24
Local Plan Section A - Contacts and Certifications
Local Plan Section B - Governance and Administration
Local Plan Section C (not required)
Local Plan Section D (with attachments) - Annual Budget Plan
Local Plan Section E  (with attachments) - Annual Service Plan
Local Plan Certifications


Supporting Documents

The SELPA's Local Plan references by incorporation the 2020 revision to the SELPA Procedural Manual and the accompanying Appendices, which consist of all Governing Board Policies, Directors' Council Procedures, Guides and Manuals, Interagency Agreements, and Community Advisory Committee By-Laws.

SELPA Procedural Manual 2020
Appendices to the SELPA Procedural Manual 2020