Behavioral Supports

Butte County SELPA’s Behavior Support Services (BSS) provides behavioral consultation, collaboration, and support to students and their individual education plan team members.  While the primary point of contact for behavior is our SELPA Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Tara Yarberry, other SELPA staff such as Program Specialists, Mental Health Coordinators, and other professional staff also collaborate on cases involving challenging behavior. 

Professional development opportunities in the domain of behavior analysis occur regularly throughout the school year, and specific trainings and workshops may be provided on request of district administrators. To find out more about behavior-related offerings, please visit the Professional Learning page of this website. 

Part of the front page of the S'More Newsletter called "Behavior Bits" which links to the actual newsletter for more information and a video by the board certified behavior analyst.  This is the July edition.Parents and care providers can access behavior supports through workshops offered through the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) or by sending an email to  

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Our resources are managed through the Behavior Support Padlet and include monthly Behavior Bits newsletters, coaching through the CAPTAIN Cadre, trainings aligned with PENT recommendations, consultation infused with PBIS principles, and participation in weekly SELPA Collaboration Meetings.  Our SELPA participates in behavior-related networks including CAPTAIN and PENT, and we attend CAL ABA and PBIS conferences annually.

Links for BehaviorBehavior brochure front flap that links to the full trifold brochure.
AFIRM Modules - Autism-Focused Intervention Resources and Modules - for the self-motivated learner, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Butte County SELPA Behavior Padlet
CAL ABA - California Association for Behavior Analysts *
CAPTAIN - California Autism Professional Training and Information Network *
PENT - Positive Environments Network of Trainers *
PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports *
SELPA Directors' Council Procedures for Behavior
SELPA Governing Board Policy Behavior

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