Our Services

The Butte County SELPA staff believes that working in the field of special education is a privilege.  It is our mandate as a consortium to provide high-quality services in a wide variety of areas in order that students with disabilities, and the staff who serve them, will experience greater success.  The Our Services section of our website will provide relevant information about how we provide that service to member districts and the greater community.  Use the sidebar menu to find what you need, and please reach out if you need further assistance, at selpasupport@bcoe.org 

Our Scope

Special education is an expansive field and there are many associated issues and areas of shared responsibility with which the Butte County SELPA is sometimes involved.  In the Our Scope section of our website, we unpack some of these important areas that do not readily fit into other sections of the website, such as:

          California Children's Services
          Charter Schools
          English Learners
          Equity and Disproportionality
          Legislative Advocacy
          Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
          Section 504
          Student Study Team

By clicking on this Our Scope link, you will learn more about the connection between these topics as they relate to the provision of special education services, the scope of the Butte County SELPA, and the bigger picture.