California Children's Services 
Medical Therapy Unit

The Butte County SELPA cooperates with the California Children's Services - Medical Therapy Unit Team in providing appropriate space for therapy services to be provided to students deemed eligible under their program guidelines.  CCS provides medically necessary physical and occupational therapy services that require a physician prescription for children with a qualifying medical diagnosis.

Treatment services are provided at approved Medical Therapy Unit (MTU) locations. In Butte County, the MTU locations are in Chico on the Chico USD campus of Little Chico Creek Elementary School, and in Oroville on the OCESD campus of Sierra Del Oro Preschool.  Your assigned MTU is determined by your home address.  Image of a physical or occupational therapist working with resistance bands with a student and positioning the student's hands on the equipment.

CCS Brochure in English   
CCS Brochure in Spanish

All Medical Therapy Program (MTP) services are recommended by the CCS treating therapist(s), but reviewed, and ultimately determined and prescribed by the physician who is recognized to manage your child's MTP-eligible condition. MTP services are available regardless of income, but annual proof of residency and other paperwork is required to maintain CCS services.

Also check out the California Children's Services - Resource and Referral Guide, an amazing collection of comprehensive resources within Butte County produced by CCS and Butte County Public Health, on everything from mental health to transportation.

For more information about California Children's Services, please visit the Butte County CCS webpage on the Butte County Public Health website.